I was at a record store in Coral Square Mall buying Judas Priest and Mission U.K. tapes as birthday presents for my cousin Chad. A well-tanned store employee who looked like and exotic Middle Eastern skeleton with an afro bigger than Brian May’s walked over and tried to foist Love and Rockets albums on me. His nametag identified him as Jeordie White.

Jeordie was just a friendly freak in a Bauhaus T-shirt trying to find someone who understood him.



now: Earth, photographed by GOES-15, and the Sun, photographed by SDO, September 2014.

13 images each: Earth and the Sun photographed simultaneously at 9pm every day 15th-27th September. The 2nd row shows the same images to scale; The Sun is 109 times wider than Earth.

Thanks again to Infinity Imagined for suggesting the GOES data; if there’s anything you’d like me to look at, let me know.

Image credit: NOAA/NASA (Earth), NASA/SDO, AIA/EVE/HMI (Sun). Animation: AgeOfDestruction.


The only person you can legally hit in the United States is a child.

Hit your partner, and you’ll be arrested for domestic violence. Hit another adult, and you’ll be arrested for assault. But hit a 4-year-old, and you can call yourself a “loving father.” That’s completely screwed up.

It should be against the law for a fully grown adult to slap, hit, spank, punch, switch, whoop, whip, paddle, kick or belt a defenseless child in the name of discipline. But it is legal, and new research in the Journal of Family Psychology suggests that the average 4-year-old is hit 936 times a year.

If study after study conclusively proves that hitting your kids doesn’t work as a disciplinary method, and worse, it has long-term damaging impact to their psychology and makes your kids more aggressive, why do we as a society allow it?